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Hidden Jobs Finder System

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Hidden Jobs Finder


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Free Product #1: Approaching the Hiring Manager
$97 Value
Step away from the crowd beating down the doors of HR in the typical job search and go straight to the one who counts—the hiring manager. Learn your four greatest opportunities are for contacting the hiring manager, walk you through exactly how to do it, and keep you from making easy mistakes in the process.

Skip the HR screening machine and go straight to the hiring manager, it shows your drive, determination, and your ability to get things done. It makes you stand out from other candidates and gives you the best opportunity you’ll ever have at landing the interview.

And, it opens up your opportunities to hear about the ‘hidden’ jobs that haven’t been posted yet.* All of a sudden, YOU’RE the one who’s in the right place at the right time.

This webinar will show you the way…

Free Product #2: The Resume - Your Marketing Document
$97 Value

Your resume must sell your skills just like an advertisement sells a product. If you do it right, it will grab the attention of the hiring manager and make him want to learn more.

Learn how to create a resume that’s both targeted and visually appealing. I’ll give you the inside track on what your resume must have, and what you shouldn’t even waste the space on. AND, I’ll show you exactly what it takes to customize your resume for each opportunity. They’ll clearly see why they need YOU for the job.

Free Product #3: Phone Interview — Tips for Getting the Face-To-Face
$97 Value
Phone interviews are usually the first step in the interview process, but it’s a tough step. Because you can’t see what the interviewer is thinking, it can be difficult to establish a connection and gauge how you»re doing. But…if you know the secrets to a great phone interview, you’ll be comfortable, confident, and able to focus on using this opportunity to get to the face-to-face.
You’ll learn the most effective techniques for phone interviews:

  • Using your voice to make the interviewer like you
  • How to get past the lack of visual feedback (body language)
  • What to say to make it to the face-to-face interview

These tips will get you past the weeding-out process of phone interviews and help you get your smiling face in front of the hiring manager for a real chance at the job.

Free Product #4: Brag Book — Who, How, What, When, Where, Why

$97 Value
Brag books are powerful tools in the job interview.

A brag book is “proof” of just how successful you’ve been in your career. It’s the evidence that backs up everything you say you have done and can do. A great brag book that’s well-presented in the interview is an attention-grabber and can absolutely tips the scales in your favor when it comes time to make the offer.

See exactly how to create a brag book (with specific examples in great detail), the most impressive items to include in it (and what’s a waste of time), and the very best method for presenting it during your interview so they can see how impressive you really are and why you’re perfect for the job.

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